Mike Sawyer Motorsports has been developing websites for clients since 1996. We have the ability to use many different languages and styles to get you the results that you're looking for.

Our emphasis has always been on quick-loading, user friendly sites because the last thing you want is your potential customers skipping over your site, because it takes to long to load.

In addition to web development, Mike Sawyer Motorsports can host your site, through Media3 Technologies, offering you a good deal on a fast server.

Here are some examples of our work:


A site dedicated to drag racing in the northeast. In addition to news, results, photos, and feature stories, the site features a dissussion forum for the racers.

Sudden Impact Racing

This site was created for the Sudden Impact Racing team. It features bios, news, results, and photos of the team.

Iannotti Racing

This site was created to keep the fans of Iannotti Racing up to date with news, photos, etc. It also has items for sale on the site with a printed order form.

Roughed Up Folk

This site was created for an up and coming band out of Los Angeles. This site will constantly be evolving as the band grows and moves onto bigger things. A couple of features of this site are the Contact Form that hides the e-mail address from spammers, and the fact that site utilizes PHP to generate content on the server side, rather than the client side.

Tax Bracket Racing

This site was created for the Cicerale Family's Tax Bracket Racing team. It features bios, news, and photos of the team.

PCR Music

A site featuring the Boston-based band PCR. The site contains news and info, photos, and music.

Sawyer Automotive

This site, created for a small automotive repair shop in Acton, Mass is more of a brochure site, featuring the abilities of the shop.

Boucher's Racing Engines

This site was created for the Boucher's Racing Engines as a way to promote teh services they offer, as well as list their huge inventory of parts for sale. There's also a news section to keep customers up to date.

Eastern VP Sales

This site was created for Eastern VP Sales as a way to better educate their customers about their fuels. It also features a random image generator to display one of twenty different images on the top of the page.

Dan Page Race Cars

This site was created for Dan Page, a drag racing chassis builder out of New Hampshire. This site is an expanded brochure, listing the types of cars he builds, as well as prices and options.